An asset for our future

Presentation of the campaign

The Sorghum ID association and the FNPSMS are convinced that the cultivation of sorghum in Europe has real potential and are carrying out a wide range of promotional initiatives for its development. Sorghum is a cereal from Africa. Suited to hot, dry climates, it is a good alternative in a context of climate change. It can be processed to feed animals or humans, or used in energy production.

In order to encourage farmers, processors and consumers to choose sorghum and develop this sector of activity in Europe, Sorghum ID and the FNPSMS initiated a promotional campaign in January 2021 entitled “Seeds For Future”. Organized through a grant from the European Union, the campaign targets five European countries. By organizing events and conferences, and providing technical documentation, the campaign is seeking to promote the advantages of sorghum cultivation, to increase production in Europe and to highlight the work of selectors in developing high yield varieties that are suited to European conditions. It is scheduled to end in January 2023.


After the events in Bucharest and Milan, the players from the sorghum sector met up in Toulouse on 12 and 13 October 2021, for the 3rd European Sorghum Congress.
The purpose of the event, held over one and a half days, was to discuss and share information on the outlook for this crop.

Almost 250 professionals from Europe and beyond came together to discuss genetics and varietal selection, agronomy and cultivation techniques, processing and the industrial development of this crop. A key event for learning all about a crop that is seeing fast expansion in Europe.

A word from the experts

Listen to the inspiring reports by players in this sector.  Each of them works with sorghum for their activity. They will explain how best to reap the full benefits of this cereal.


Take a look at all the communication media developed for this campaign. They are sure to provide a simple but detailed response to all your questions.

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