Each market its own sorghum. Do you know them?

Sorghum, a large family in which each
member has a strong personality

Grain Sorghum

A small-sized sorghum plant selected for grain production. Grain Sorghum varieties have a high yield potential and excellent resistance to diseases causing lodging. It is mainly used for poultry and pig (monogastric) feed and secondarily for human food, but also in the biofuel industry (ethanol).

Sweet Sorghum

As its name suggests, it has the particularity of accumulating a high concentration of sugar in its stems. By extracting the sweet juice from its stalks, a food syrup can be produced, or after fermentation, a 1st generation ethanol. Farmers use it in the form of silage, but its biomass energy can also be used in methanization or to produce 2nd generation biofuels.

Silage Sorghum

It is a large, single-cut forage sorghum from which the whole plant is harvested. It’s mainly planted for its ability to produce large volumes of biomass. In addition to its use in the form of silage, it offers promising opportunities for methanization.

Sorghum biomass

This is a voluminous, high sorghum plant, producing large volumes of fibre-rich biomass. It can be used both in methanization units and as a noble raw material in various biomaterial production industries.

Multi-cut forage sorghum

There are two types of multi-cut forage sorghum: Sudan grass and hybrid sorghum resulting from the crossing of Sorghum bicolor and Sudan grass. As they do not contain starch, multi-cut forage sorghums are used exclusively for livestock, either for grazing, or as wrapped bales after a summer swathed, or as silage. Two to four annual cuts are possible.

Dyeing sorghum

This is Sorghum bicolour. In Africa, the cradle of sorghum cultivation, it has always been used to dye leather, calabashes, fabrics, baskets, etc. The colouring matter is extracted from the leaf sheath of the plant. It has a large range of market opportunities: cosmetics, textiles, food etc.

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